Agile Transformation

Is digitalization only a buzzword or the next step in your company’s strategy? Is the boost of value delivery towards your customers in critical condition and do you need to change this asap? Are your processes carved in stone and need to be urgently disrupted? Do you want to foster self-organization, customer orientation and entrepreneurial acting?

Agile Mindset and the appropriate tools will support you in transforming your organization for the up-to-date working environment requirements. Your organization will become more fluid, collaborative, self-organized, customer oriented, successful and competitive by using agile tools like Scrum, Innovative Sprints, Design Thinking or the Business Model Canvas. This transformation will speed up the time-to-market and increase productivity, employee engagement and attractiveness as an employer. In addition, you will gain more motivated and satisfied employees.

Together we create measures that foster effective transformation, leadership, collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing and networking within your organization.

What can you expect in our collaboration?

With a lot of methodological knowledge & experience within agile transformation and digitalization, I introduce creative ideas, challenge your approach, extend your comfort into the stretch zone, question your next steps and create customized solutions with you.

This will enable lateral thinking within your team and open the doors for disruptive new ways. Together we will develop measures that foster knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking for a successful agile transformation.

I have an in-depth systemic and agile knowledge for organizational, team and leadership development. I am very experienced in virtual and/ or cross-cultural collaboration, agile coaching, activating entrepreneurial acting and innovative thinking.

I have expert knowledge in

Foster self organization

Agile tools

Agile leadership

Agile Coaching