Collaboration & Future Work Environment

Do you want to foster self-organization, collaboration, creativity and happiness?

Agile Mindset needs modern working environments. It is impossible to use tools like Scrum, Lean Kanban, etc. without having places where people can meet, discuss, align, collaborate, etc. Simple tools, flexible whiteboards, Post-its in different sizes, Lego, etc. can make already a huge difference! You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on designer furniture to foster creativity and collaboration.

Strong collaboration is one of the key success factors!

With digitalization our working world becomes more flexible, fluid and fits better to personal needs. We can work everywhere and anytime. Digitalization makes this possible. In the corporate world sometimes this needs a lot of alignment with i. E. workers councils, insurances or involves a big change in the organizational setup. New Work workspaces doesn’t mean a complete work-over of your buildings. Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference and inspire people and unlock creativity.


Creative rooms is that only a temporary fad?

No, we are convinced and there is also research on that topic that different room setups foster different work results. It is one of the major decision factors for candidates signing up for a certain company. Creative rooms foster collaboration, motivation and creativity.

What is your Flow Concept about?

For us we use the Flow Concept to improve the productivity within a company by setting up a collaboration & working environment in a way that the colleagues can work and be most productive as good as possible according to their activities. For example if you want to be creative with several colleagues to catch as most ideas as possible then you should prefer a Creative room with all its defined features. If you need to have pure presentations including a beamer or a presenter you should have a conference room with enough chairs to sit on. People in open space rooms tend to communicate and collaborate easier than in single or double room with closed doors. Although there are times when people fully need to concentrate on very specific topics and need respective silence – therefore it’s good to have silent rooms without any noise. Of course soom leisure areas always work to foster communication within your company and sometimes to recharge your battery away from your desk.

Depending on your products or services that you offer you may think about if your office building is equipped with these different kinds of rooms to best fit your working mode and the expected outcomes.

What is the difference with the Real Time Strategic Change Approach?

One of your values is to integrate in change approaches the right people. The right people are the group of people who are touched by the change. Sometimes the market forces companies to change massively or they are gone. But why not involving the “experts” in your company to face these changes. It is not by the management to find solutions for the next steps. Everybody working in a company is responsible and accountable for future possible next steps. You have an immense knowledge on-site. Why not use it, connect it and create together your future organization? The Real Time Strategic Change Approach has great results because of the pure commitment of the participants.

Creative rooms are expensive - Is that true?

We created meeting rooms with a budget of € 2.500 for 20 m2. There was no designer furniture in it and yes, we went to IKEA! All the furniture passed the general German security test. The most important for the room was after setting it up that someone took over the ownership for filling up the working material like pens, Post-its, etc. People love the room as it feels almost like home for them :-).

What are the benefits of a customized Community of Practice concept?

A Customized Community of Practice concept supports your employees in setting up communities, keep the communities active and running and coaches them in their facilitator role. We have set up cross-regional, cross-cultural and virtual communities. We can coach your colleagues how to set up communities that foster your company culture.

Isn’t networking something natural? How can you support our company there?

Networking is often something very personal. There are huge differences between age, gender, branch, social media tools and overall personal preferences. Setting up mentoring programs for woman or reverse mentoring programs for managers and “new” colleagues foster motivation, communication, transparency and the development of your colleagues.

Is networking different in the business content?

We did a study with more than 110 participants. Derivations from the study are that if companies create rooms for networking then collaboration is improved, the search for specialized staff is easier and the motivation increases.

What are the benefits working with us?

We create customized measures that foster effective transformation, leadership, collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing and networking within your organization. We will do this together with you and your colleagues.

We bring a lot of knowledge and experience in large-group-facilitation to involve the right persons at the right time. We are certified in different team analyzing tools like MBTI©, Diversity Icebreaker, etc and have a systemic approach.