Entrepreneurial thinking and acting are the future key soft skills!

Intrapreneurship is entrepreneurship in the corporate world fostering business ideas of your employees in giving them money, time and space to follow up on them. Intrapreneurship has become a critical imperative for all organizations and a survival strategy for others. How is it for your company? Is there room for innovation, taking ownership or creating new products?

Organizations that have incorporated Intrapreneurship achieve higher financial returns, increase their productivity, are more innovative and accomplish higher levels of employee engagement.

Some examples of organizations that foster intrapreneurship are companies like 3M, Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bahn, E.ON, Google, etc. Find here an article of Forbes.

An entrepreneurial environment helps your employees to stretch and grow while staying engaged and motivated. It enables organizations to effectively accelerate and manage change within the fast-moving market and digitalization.

Isn’t it time to take a close look at Intrapreneurship and what it can do for your organization?


With the Business Model Canvas you can challenge your business model, do A/B testing with your customers, get inspirations for new services or products etc. One of the most important factors of the BMC is that you don’t forget anything and focus on the 9 key elements which are important for a service, product or business.

“Sometimes I have the feeling that when colleagues enter the building they leave their brain at the front desk. Why is it that people when they work in companies behave like they don’t know anything?” How many possibilities do you have in your company to act like an “entrepreneur”? How many of the great ideas you have had can you really implement in your work? Do you have processes in place that foster innovation, new ideas or new products? When companies foster entrepreneurial thinking and acting innovation will follow. This is a key success factor to stay on the quick changing markets.

No, we use Design Thinking as a whole process or sometimes only parts of the process for improving projects, finding out more about internal or external customers or just use it also as a tool for idea generation i. e. on which key topics should you as Entrepreneur focus next?

We create customized measures that foster effective transformation, leadership, collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing and networking within your organization. We will do this together with you and your colleagues.

We bring a lot of knowledge and experience in large-group-facilitation to involve the right persons at the right time. We are certified in different team analyzing tools like MBTI©, Diversity Icebreaker, etc and have a systemic approach.

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