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What is the pulse of your company – fostering innovation or carving in stone? Did competitors enter lately your market which you never thought of for example IKEA selling solar panels and disrupting the energy market or Leica cameras installed on smartphones? Did you hear of great ideas from your colleagues but there are no possibilities to bring them in?

Organizational structures need to be changed to become more flexible, disruptive, entrepreneurial and customer oriented.

Tools that unleash innovation

Get great results within one week!

Approaches like Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Innovation Sprints or the agile product development foster creativity, customer-centric approaches, entrepreneurial thinking/ acting and support your organization becoming more flexible. They are amazingly successful within short-time, need little resources and are a lot of fun.

Do you think your company needs a breeze of disruption to be more competitive, customer oriented and use the incredible possibilities digitalization offers?

What’s your next move?


With the Business Model Canvas you can challenge your business model, do A/B testing with your customers, get inspirations for new services or products etc. One of the most important factors of the BMC is that you don’t forget anything and focus on the 9 key elements which are important for a service, product or business.

Some people say Design Thinking (DT) is more theoretical and too complex. We agree that the DT process seems sometimes “long” and “theoretical” but it contains so many methods and tools which you can use for the different outcomes or situations. The Design SPRINT is a clear process which builds up step-by-step and at the end of 5 days you have a new “product/ service”. Afterwards for the refinement you can also use tools from Design Thinking.

No, we use Design Thinking as a whole process or sometimes only parts of the process for improving projects, finding out more about internal or external customers or just use it also as a tool for idea generation i. E. on which key topics shall the HR department concentrate in the next period?

Yes, of course. On the other hand we really made good experiences in using creative places like Co-working locations for holding our workshops. The different room setup is very inspiring for the participants. We can support you in the room search. For Design Thinking or Design SPRINT workshops it is recommended to have big rooms with a lot of walls available. The furniture setup should be as flexible as possible in order to support the workstyle.

Yes, of course we can offer a customized train-the-trainer concept for Design Thinking or Design SPRINT workshops. We can also coach your trainers and consult you for the implementation.

Yes, we can create a customized workshop concept for Design Thinking/ Design SPRINTS which considers also cultural differences and train your people on-site wherever your subsidiary is located.

We create customized measures that foster effective transformation, leadership, collaboration, innovation, knowledge sharing and networking within your organization. We will do this together with you and your colleagues.

We bring a lot of knowledge and experience in large-group-facilitation to involve the right persons at the right time. We are certified in different team analyzing tools like MBTI©, Diversity Icebreaker, etc and have a systemic approach.

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