Wrap-up! To those who haven’t had the chance watching us @ DACH CEO Summit 2019

5 Years – 7 regions – 5 strategy levels – 1 success

As announced beforehand we had the chance taking part in the German CEO Summit 2019 in Berlin from 17th to 18th of March 2019. It was such a great experience. That is why we are so glad sharing some insights with you right here:

A story of a non-natural-innovator multinational company on its “New Ways of Workings” was told. It is a story how a system change to a new operative system can take place, how agility can be implemented in daily business and push your continuous delivery towards market needs. It is based on over 5 years of experience in one company and in different countries. A real diverse change is shown. There are changes in various departments, in the way of handling the portfolio, of steering and  of funding. The speed of learning & value delivery, the used methods, needed skills and many more. A transformation for a strategy could be put into 5 levels, e.g. there is the need of creating transformation principles like rotating leadership and others. And there are also several learnings like “it works”, ”culture and organization rethink are the tough parts” and many more. Experiences with the people and with different management levels show the need for various solution paths.

Feel free to gain insights of how agility was introduced in business. And last but not least learn more about what the Fosbury flop has to do with agility.

In case you are really into that topic now and you are willing to watch the performance of Mario the Agile Transformation Expert and Roland the Head of Lean-Agile Capability from E.ON: Feel free to follow our video-link.

We were able to check out the success of introducing agility in professional practice. As you can see we would love to share that with you. In case you have any questions feel free to get in contact. Just use E-Mail, Twitter (@yourAgilizer), Facebook, linkedIn or directly contact us via our homepage.


Looking forward staying in touch


©picture Barbara Valenti, Mario Brückner, Roland Szmola