What is the pulse of your company – fostering innovation or carving in stone? Did competitors enter lately your market which you never thought of i. E. IKEA selling solar panels and disrupting the energy market or Leica cameras installed on smart phones? Did you hear of great ideas from your colleagues but there are no possibilities to bring them in?

Organizational structures need to be changed to become more flexible, disruptive, entrepreneurial and customer centered.

Tools that unleash innovation

Approaches like Design Thinking, Innovation Sprints, Business Model Canvas or the agile product development foster creativity, customer centered approaches, entrepreneurial thinking/ acting and support your organization becoming more flexible. They are amazingly successful within short time, need little resources and are a lot of fun.

Do you think your company needs a breeze of disruption to be more competitive, customer oriented and use the incredible possibilities digitalization offers?

So, what’s your next move?